Condition Monitoring :: In-House Program

Unexpected mechanical breakdowns can be virtually eliminated using Vibration Monitoring.  This powerful technology is most effective when utilized as a key component of a periodic condition monitoring program.

These powerful technologies can be implemented at your facility using various strategies

In-House Program

Bretech provides a complete range of customized consulting, training, and startup services for in-house vibration monitoring programs.  This service ensures that the program is established using a combination of established and innovative techniques for maximum effectiveness and payback.  The required instruments, software, and equipment can be either owned by the plant or supplied by Bretech.  Benchmarking and program optimization will improve the quality of existing programs.  Continued support, including advance diagnostics and training will provide continuous improvement.

Pilot Program

Organizations may evaluate the effectiveness of vibration monitoring for their facility by implementing a limited program within a specific area of the plant, such as the steam plant.  Measurements can be conducted by either Bretech or plant personnel.