Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

BRETECH provides a full range of fault diagnostics and troubleshooting services, including

  • Operating Deflection Shape Analysis & Modal Analysis
  • Transient Analysis & Speed Trial Analysis
  • IN-SITU™ Roll Balancing
  • Temporary On-Line Monitoring

BRETECH also provides customized vibration analysis for a wide range of specialized equipment and industries, such as paper machines, turbomachinery, and cooling towers.

Acceptance Testing

BRETCH provides factory acceptance testing to verify that machines comply with tolerances and specifications.  Acceptance testing also helps to determine and verify synchronous machinery characteristics such as critical speeds, amplification factors, damping characteristics, mode shapes, and potential problems.  Bretech will acquire reference data on your machines and provide comprehensive engineering reports to document the initial installation performance.  We also develop specifications and acceptance criteria, based on industry standards and customer requirements.